Ian Hextall head british genealogist at UK-Genealogy.com
Ian Hextall head british genealogist at UK-Genealogy.com

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  • Robert Hextall (Tuesday, September 05 17 01:22 am BST)

    I personally have known Ian Hextall for the last five years. In this time I have found Ian to be honest & trustworthy, and value his expertise in family history, without his knowledge I would never have been able to trace my own family history. Ian is a great family man and has a lot of passion towards family history.

  • William.McCairney (Tuesday, September 05 17 01:17 am BST)

    I can recall when I began my family tree journey way back around 1977, all of forty years ago. I would often think how wonderful it would be to find out where my paternal grandfather was from and if he had any siblings. I also used to think how great it would be to find any living descendants from that family. All my gran ever told me was that my grandfather died in the First World War and she re-married, sore subject, end of the conversation. Over the years I found a great deal about my mum's side of the family, but my dad's side has always been shrouded in mystery. Even with professional help from a qualified registrar, we only drew blanks. Back in the seventies all I had was my grandfathers' marriage certificate to my gran and then I found his father's marriage certificate at Register House in Edinburgh. After that I hit a wall and could get no further. Then about ten or twelve years ago I found my grandfather's death through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. After that I hit a wall again. No matter what I tried I just could not find anymore details of that branch of my family. I contacted Ian Hextall after finding him on Yell, the online Yellow Pages. Within two to three weeks Ian had uncovered my grandfather's birthplace, found siblings and descendants going back three generations in Ireland. (not easy to do)Ian has also found me one living relative at this stage of his search, living in America. I am completely blown away by Ian's thoroughness, his patience and his obvious skills as a Genealogy Researcher. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is having difficulties with their own family tree findings or someone who is considering a family tree search from the beginning but wants it done professionally. Ian has done a sterling job for me, gone way beyond my wildest dreams, thanks again,
    Mar 17, 2016 by John Mason on UK-Genealogy

  • E Milne (Tuesday, September 05 17 01:12 am BST)

    Hi Ian,"Delighted with my family tree. Thanks to Ian's knowledge and his passionate work. He provided a comprehensive history report taking my family lines back as far as the 17th century."


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