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Welcome to my dedicated page for Scottish ancestry research 

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Are your ancestors from Scotland were they located in Scotlands highlands or in the Borders of Scotland My family history research will reveal answers these questions. 

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Cherished family memories of times past with loved ones
I know like me we all have such happy memories of our youth and the happy times days spent with past family members maybe parents or maternal paternal Grandparents. Memories of special family occasions like Holidays, Christmas's or just the loving times spent being together.
Here at UK Genealogy com, my aim is to help you and your family rekindle these memories and those of past family members. 
I will carry out checks on all BDM and Scotland's census reports plus register offices research that will reveal where your ancestors once lived? anywhere from Johnogroats in Scotlands highlands to the southern Borders of Scotland. 
I will bring together in one place your old family documents and genealogical records, From this data, I will write for you several wonderful family reports and build an A3 sized family tree chart. Your family memories and the lives of your past family ancestors will be recorded forever in time. 
My UK genealogy research services will give you and your family a wonderful family history legacy to be passed down through each generation. A legacy for your future family generations to cherish.
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Are your maternal or paternal ancestors from Scotland
If your Ancestors from Scotland are connected to the Highlands of Scotland the likelihood is that they were Fisherman, Crofters or small farm holders. Over the years most of these older families either emigrated to live a multitude of countries across the World or moved a few hundred miles south to Scotland’s central region or the borders seeking a new life and new employment. 
Given the opportunity to carry out maternal and paternal family research for you. My UK residence British military descendant BDM and Scotland's census reports plus registry offices findings will answer these questions and much more. 
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