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Cherished family memories of times spent with past loved ones.
We can have such happy memories of our childhood and the the wonderful days spent with past family members maybe parents or Grandparents. 
Memories of special family occasions like Holidays, Christmas or just the loving times of being together.
Here at UK Genealogy com, my aim is to help you and your family rekindle these memories of past family members. 
I can do this for you by locating old documents and family history records relating to your ancestors. 
From this extensively researched family data I will write for you a wonderful family ancestry report and also build for you an actuate A3 sized family tree chart.
Your family memories and the lives of your past family members will be recorded forever in time. 
My research findings, charts and reports will give your family a legacy that they will be pass down through your future generations. 
A legacy your future family generations to cherish.               
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Professional UK genealogist 
My research services cover all of the English counties, and from Wales to the Highlands of Scotland.  
With full access to all major UK genealogical document sources including BDM,  British military records, UK residence census, Scotlands census reports and much more.
I know you will be amazed and totally intrigued by the new family ancestors and family details I can discover for you.

As a UK genealogist I'm ideally located in Central Scotland offering my clients a more in-depth family research services, With a great selection of fixed costs genealogy research packages. Each package includes content that few if not any other UK genealogist and family history research is prepared cost and match. I offer a UK Family History & Genealogy research service with an extra personal touch. I have always paid special attention to giving my clients a quality one to one customer service. I do hope that you will allow me the opportunity to locate your UK family ancestors and their family history.

Ian J Hextall

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UK Genealogist UK Ancestor search covering Welsh Scottish & English Counties A search of UK bdm genealogy records may find you famous UK ancestors

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Family Genealogy Packages

I offer my clients a wide range fixed and flexible priced family ancestry packages with many family tree charts to choose from, you're sure to find the exact family pack you're looking for!. If required I can tailor a research package to suit both your budget and your family search needs. If you require assistance in choosing a package, I will be very happy to provide you with my expert guidance. I look forward to working with you!
Research Packages & Costs
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Family Tree Charts

My quality A3 sized family tree charts are supplied to you in media file format. I can print out Charts on quality card paper and post to you ready to frame and mount. 
Each chart comes with 5 or 6 generations including family tree members photos if supplied and family coat of arms.
For that extra personalize touch each chart comes with a individualized background photo. A photo that directly links into your own family history story.                                                        
Sample Charts Gallery

Family Research Packages

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Ruby Packages

There are two fixed costs Ruby genealogy packages. Each gives you a significantly in-depth family research of your heads of family for each generation. which includes researching their siblings family lines were possible.
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Emerald Packages

There are three levels of fixed costs Emerald family packages. Each gives you the benefits of a much more in- depth research service. Giving you a much more comprehensive report on your family tree connections and your British family ancestors.
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Diamond Packages

There are three levels of fixed costs Diamond packages. Packs includes taking your UK family ancestral lines back as far as record allow, ancestry reports and family tree. All presented in leather bound & gold embossed book & matching 4 ringed binder. 
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NEW! Page Dedicated to Scottish Family History Research.

As a UK Genealogist that is based in Central Scotland.
I believe it to be very appropriate that I have a family research page dedicated to only  Scottish family ancestry research. 
If you would like more information on my Scottish family history research services. Let me find your Scottish family ancestors. Click on the link below. 
Scottish Ancestry page
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