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Thank you to all my clients for your kind comments and very much appreciated testimonials. I know that you will get as much pleasure from viewing your family reports & family tree charts. As I did in putting your family genealogy packages together for you.
I do hope that I have to privilege of carrying out further family genealogy research for yourself's and your friends and family in the near future.
Ian Hextall 
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Jim Wright - Lowell, Massachusetts 
I recently noticed that my spouse’s family tree was in conflict with other trees on Ancestry concerning the identity of his paternal gr gr Grandparents. I found Ian online and contacted him for advice. With his experience and expertise in British genealogy he promptly solved the issue and provided us with copies of vital records and more, in a very timely manner. His rates are reasonable, too. I look forward to having Ian look into my own maternal lines in Scotland in the near future. Thank you, Ian. Keep up the good work!

William McCairney. Falkirk, Scotland
I can recall when I began my family tree journey way back around 1977, all of forty years ago. I would often think how wonderful it would be to find out where my paternal grandfather was from and if he had any siblings. I also used to think how great it would be to find any living descendants from that family. All my gran ever told me was that my grandfather died in the First World War and she re-married, sore subject, end of the conversation. Over the years I found a great deal about my mum's side of the family, but my dad's side has always been shrouded in mystery. Even with professional help from a qualified registrar, we only drew blanks. Back in the seventies all I had was my grandfathers' marriage certificate to my gran and then I found his father's marriage certificate at Register House in Edinburgh. After that I hit a wall and could get no further. Then about ten or twelve years ago I found my grandfather's death through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. After that I hit a wall again. No matter what I tried I just could not find anymore details of that branch of my family. I contacted Ian Hextall after finding him on Yell, the online Yellow Pages. Within two to three weeks Ian had uncovered my grandfather's birthplace, found siblings and descendants going back three generations in Ireland. (not easy to do)Ian has also found me one living relative at this stage of his search, living in America. I am completely blown away by Ian's thoroughness, his patience and his obvious skills as a Genealogy Researcher. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is having difficulties with their own family tree findings or someone who is considering a family tree search from the beginning but wants it done professionally. Ian has done a sterling job for me, gone way beyond my wildest dreams, thanks again,

Blair Hextall
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Ian’s assistance has been an invaluable help to me in my own family research. His knowledge of British sources is extensive and he was able to point me in useful directions when I had run into the proverbial brick wall that every amateur genealogist hits sooner or later. I especially like the fact that he insists on viewing original sources wherever possible rather than trusting someone else’s transcription. Ian and I have now been corresponding for seven years and I hope to have the benefit of his knowledge and experience for many more. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs help with their family history.

Robert Hextell 
Queensland Australia
19/7/2010 I personally have known Ian J Hextall for the last five years, In this time I have found Ian to be honest & trustworthy, and value his expertise in family history, without his knowledge I would never have been able to trace my own family history. Ian is a great family man and has a lot of passion towards family history.

Brett Denton, Seymour, Victoria, Australia
To all who read this I fully recommend Ian Hextall to you as a researcher into family history he does a very good job. I am very happy with the research he has done in researching my family origins.

Pamela Baker - Victoria, Australia
Ian your research into David's family tree was so enlightening.
We had been struggling with misconceptions about the time of the families arrival in Australia for years and yet within a few weeks your amazingly accurate research revealed all the answers.
Thank you so much - our sense of family history and continuity has been restored. 

Jan Rumke - Upper Tysoe, Warwickshire
Ian I just wanted to tell you we couldn't be more pleased and impressed with the wonderful results of your research.
The presentation is faultless and everyone we have shown it to are full of praise. For me, I am so grateful for your patience and skill in providing such wonderful results.

 John Mason, UK
Ian found my family five generations back. He is passionate about his researching. 


 Lydia D Plyler - Frankfurt, Germany
Ian has overwhelmed me with his competence in the field of Genealogy. He has upturned stones my family and I never thought of or even saw to get to the truth and found my beloved Grandfather's biological father. He's a man of of dedication, sincerity and a pleasure to communicate with. I can't thank him enough for solving our family mystery.
Elaine Milne. Scotland
Hi Ian,"Delighted with my family tree. Thanks to Ian's knowledge and his passionate work. He provided a comprehensive history report taking my family lines back as far as the 17th century."

Katrina Gattersby - Co Meath, Ireland
Ian from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for your passion and dedication on helping my family and I by building my father's family tree and finding his biological father.
We can not express our gratitude on the work you have done for us. You have brought some solace and content to my father with regards to his past and putting together the missing pieces of his life.
Jackie Salmons - Billericay, Essex, England
Ian what a first class choice I made in choosing you to research my family tree. I am over the moon with the outcome and well presented results as well as being so easy to work with. 
Through your expertise I am now in contact with cousins I never knew existed. I know my family are going to be as pleased as I am

Geraldine Hopkins 
Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
Having met Ian, I find him an amazing, passionate person when it comes to genealogy. In addition to the Hextall branch in my family, he has researched back eleven generations in another branch and made a link in a third branch that was researched twenty years ago without success. His sources are reliable and numerous and he is continually following-up with new details. He is very creative in finding his information. 

Karyn Clare
Auckland, New Zealand.
For 70 years, our family had harbored a mystery; a lost father and grandfather, with only the most tenuous of clues as to his identity. Ian Hextall solved our mystery. And not only did he solve it, he became a crucial part of this incredible story. Ian is tenacious, passionate and instinctive in his approach to genealogical research. If you are looking for a talented and genuine researcher, Ian Hextall is the man for you. Thank you Ian, for finding our family. 

Lorna Galloway 
Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England
My daughter-in-law in New Zealand has been trying for around fifteen years to trace her blood grandfather in Scotland, without success. Her mother was born illegitimately, and all she had to go on was the signature of the father on her mother's birth certificate. Ian Hextall has amazingly tracked this man down, with only this signature to help him. He discovered that he was in fact Scottish, although everyone thought he was from the North of England, and his real identity was uncovered by his signature on his father's death certificate matching exactly the one on his illegitimate daughter's birth certificate. A whole new set of relatives has been uncovered by Ian I really cannot recommend him highly enough. He certainly goes the extra mile to uncover secrets of the past, and he seems to have an instinctive feel for these things. We are all very grateful to him for succeeding in such a difficult task. 

Michael Gottschalk
Haifa, Israel.
We have been trying to locate a family in England for a very long time. The tragedy happened in 1929, in Haifa, Palestine, when a British Official was killed in riots, in down town Haifa. It was thanks to Ian, that with a very professional approach , succeeded in locating the family. we are very grateful.

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