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Wanting to know who were your ancestors?. Where did they live?, What work did they do and were they rich and famous?. Of course quite naturally this list of questions goes on and on. 

We will find answers to all of the above questions plus many more amazingly interesting family genealogy details for you. Our family ancestry research can sometimes lead to finding brand new living family relations.

Some of our past clients have had the joy of having amazing family reunions see our testimonials for details. Ancestry Report Books


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We will research your family name and trace your UK ancestral lines. We offer research packages that will take family ancestral lines back a far back as records allow,  From all this factual data we will build for you an amazing and accurate family tree.


We can offer to you individual ancestors or commissioned family name research services amazingly from £50

or fixed cost UK family genealogy research packages from £220 including digital & ready to mount A3 sized Family Tree Chart Services & Costs Button


Are you looking for a Unique Gift for a family member or friend! Family CestA family ancestry research package would make an amazing gift for someone’s wedding, birthday, anniversary or retirement.

Your family members and friends would be delighted to receive their own family tree chart with their British ancestral lines going back 5/6 generations.

They would also be totally enthralled reading their own ancestry report book and viewing their own family source documents folder containing BDM Certificate ,Census reports and much more.

What better surprise could you give a special loved one. A real present to last a life time, an amazing family legacy that they will treasure and pass down through their family for  generations to come.

Please ask if you would like us to tailor a UK family ancestry research package to suit your own family search requirements & budget needs.

How do I start my family research project?

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First you should decide what it is you aim to achieve. Which of your family lines do you wish to follow. Fathers paternal line or mothers maternal line.

Maybe you only wish to find details for a family tree member. Contact us so we can chat about your requirements we can tailor a package that is just right for your needs


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