How to start my family research UK GENEALOGY COM
How to start my family research UK GENEALOGY COM

UK Genealogist UK Ancestor Highlands of Scotland to South Cornwall 

My UK ancestor research services cover all areas of the UK from Johnogroats in the Highlands of Scotland to South Cornwall and Lands’ end               

I would like to explain if I may why I became a British genealogist & UK ancestor researcher.

I truly believe the family history we put research and record today is for the enrichment of knowledge for our children and their descendants of tomorrow.


          How to start my family research project

  • Have you decided what it is you want to achieve from your research project?
  • Looking for just one family member or origins of your family name?                                        See my Commissioned research package with flexible costs
  • Do you wish to pursue the Paternal (male) line of your Father’s family?                            See Ruby or Emerald fixed costs packages                                 
  • Do you wish to follow your Maternal (female) line of your Mother’s family?                       See Ruby or Emerald fixed costs packages  
  • You may have decided you would like to have both Paternal and Maternal family lines researched.                                                                                                                         See Diamond fixed costs packages
  • Do you want a family tree chart? All my packages include family tree charts


Ruby packages contains (digital data files only)


Emerald packages contains (both printed and digital data files)


Diamond packages contains (both printed and digital data files)


          My family research statement

  • I will tailor my research to your requirements.
  • It may not be necessary for me to have a lot of details from you to start my research.
  • If available I will require your family details date, place of birth, marriage, spouse, children - then the details of your parents and grandparents
  • How successful I am in carrying out research on your family genealogy is determined by a number of factors, many of which are beyond our control. My success can depend on many factors, one being survival of relevant genealogical records. Many records were destroyed in the fires during the war. Many of the Irish family records were also destroyed by fire.
  • I prefer to see original copies of documents to base finding on. 
  • Much of my success can be put down to my passion for genealogy and my "never give in" attitude I never take anything for granted no matter how small a piece of data may appear, it can often fill a gaping hole in your family tree.
  • During my researchI will seek to find birth, marriage and death certificates, census records, obituary notices, military service records, immigration papers and newspaper cuttings. from this data I will establish a foundation on which I will build your family genealogy.
  • Once I have put together for you a comprehensive family tree based on factual genealogical data. You can use this as a starting point for your own ongoing quest for family history. Family history research never stops. It is an ongoing process.


I have dispatched my family genealogy packages to expat families living across the world.


My family genealogy research projects cover districts and counties from all over the United Kingdom.

I specialize in Scottish genealogy and the Midlands Counties of England i.e. Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire.


Ian Hextall
36 Ochil View



If you have any queries or wish to make an tel appointment, please contact me:


01324 824779 or 07944400488

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